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Be Careful Out There

I've always heard you should be careful before you hit the "Reply All" button on  e-mail. Now I find that double-checking when sending something over the cell phone is equally important.

A 29-year old Macomb man was charged with disorderly conduct. He sent some lewd pictures of his girlfriend ... he thought ... to her. However, he transposed the phone numbers when dialing.

They went to the cell phone of a recently-retired, 6'5" sheriff's deputy, who tracked where they came from, found the unfortunate sender, and took the case to his friendly local sheriff.  The sheriff was kinda bemused by the whole thing.

Luckily, he just got a Notice to Appear.  And a lesson in being careful.

We had rain today and have broken the heat stretch. High today in the mid-80s instead of the 10 degrees warmer of the previous week.

And that's it for the moment. This is the weekend when 8,000 students return to campus. It's a good day to leave town for the day, so we're going to an open house at the organic farm near Golden, IL. Guy retired as a high-powered PR type in California to buy the farm, raise organic crops, llitle llamas, ostriches and buffalo. Should be interesting. Details forthcoming.
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