October 31st, 2008


So, I've been campaigning, with little results yet (no polling). But am intrigued by some of the 
conversations I get when going door to door. One fellow, seemingly in his 80s, asked "Are
you an incumbent?" On being told No, he said "You've got my vote. I'm voting against anyone
who's in office."  A couple of people wanted reassurance that I had nothing to do with state-
level politics ... they're unhappy with the one known to one blogger as OBG (Our Beloved
Governor <two out of three is not bad>.)

I had to laugh when one politico said he'd received "fishing" calls about how a possible third
term would be viewed. He said he was familiar with only two Congressional districts, but that
OBG would be lucky to come in third in another race.  No wonder a poll reported last Sunday
put the governor's popularity/approval rating at 13 percent.

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