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It's Monday again

But there times I  especially enjoy being in a college town. There were a couple of especially droll items from  police beat this morning. First was the fellow who complained to police that he was just standing in a front yard relieving himself (on Jackson Street, the main drag through town) when someone came up and hit him in the face. He was aggrieved.  (Police did not indicate  whether they were going to talk to the owner of the front yard the aggrieved party was using.

The second was someone charged with illegal disposal of waste. Apparently the water was turned off in
his corner of the campus neighborhood, so he emptied the slops bucket into a plastic trash bag and left it for Waste Management . Of course, it broke when they lifted it, and they complained.

That, and ten DUIs, some loud parties, and two fights over someone's place in line to enter The Forum, showed it was indeed a spring weekend in a campus town.  Now it's time to get some dinner and
head off to a county board committee meeting. The fun never stops.
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